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ivan.vucica.net :: Glagolitic Transliterator

2023-05-30: Sretan Dan državnosti! Added big yus. Added web UI for existing conversion into phonetic. Some error handling. Multiline handling.


L - Latin range font
C - Cyrillic range font
U - Glagolitic range font (standard unicode)

Pick "ćirilica" for fonts labeled C to still get glagolitic output. Unicode encodings will be in cyrillic, which is what these fonts expect.


Your result:

Notes and bugs

Supported pairs:

  • latin_hr to glagolitic
  • glagolitic to latin_hr
  • cyrillic to glagolitic
  • glagolitic to cyrillic
  • latin_hr to cyrillic (poor!)
  • cyrillic to latin_hr (poor!)

Please note that Glagolitic in unicode does not implement J - J, therefore none of proper unicode fonts implement it. Therefore transliteration uses iže - , closest one can get. Not implemented: yus and similar symbols.

Note that this is NOT a cyrillic transliterator: ć will incorrectly become Ꙉ due to relation with Ⰼ, rather than becoming Ћ. Similarly đ won't become Ђ, and j will turn into й rather than Serbian ј. And l will turn into љ rather than л, due to iotation ambiguities involving ⰾ, which may be Croatian Latin's l or lj / lj.

Glagolitic-to-Cyrillic also has some quirks: ⰻ should perhaps be і, not й; ⰴⱃⱏⰶⰻⱈⱝ should be дръжіха́, not дръжйха́. On the other hand, some transcriptions of old Cyrillic texts (e.g. "въї йже са клангаєте се дрѣвоу хоўдѣи") use the й in places where и or і might belong.

DiphtongsDigraphs are not handled in Latin mode. Capitals are not handled in Cyrillic mode.